Hi, I’m Mona

I’m a visual artist, healer, health-coach, teacher and mother to a twelve year old fun-loving girl.

My life has been a journey in art and soul-work. Finding back to myself when outside circumstances became challenging, so I could evoke inner harmony to navigate my path with clarity and self-love expressing my inner truth in my art and teaching, …and life.

I have been so blessed with growing up in the middle of the free and untouched nature in Northern Norway, and this connection became my inspiration in art and well-being as I was moving through life.





From early childhood, art and nature was the place I found myself. I found timelessness and magic, deep inner peace and part of something bigger than myself. Playing and exploring with colors and materials in art was “my thing”, it was a space to be me, using imagination to make new discoveries and telling stories in art. It was fun, rewarding and I felt fulfilled and complete. 


I moved to US in 2001, and I have been working from my own studio and practice with clients and students in art, art-therapy, yoga and wellness for more than twenty years.

In 2015 I got Lyme disease. During the years before, I went through a challenging period where stress affected my body, making it vulnerable to sickness!

I started working with a mentor, for healing and life-guidance. This has been an on-going 6 year practice, and I am deeply grateful for the profound teaching and learning that I have received.

I learned how to embrace the lightness within, relieve toxic stress and to relax deeply to became stronger and to heal. I began detoxing. With nutritional support I started upgrading my body for healing and wellness.
Today I consider myself 98% healed, and with my choice of no antibiotics! 
The remaining Lyme has become my teacher for creating balance in my life. I am practicing self-care with targeted nutrition, positive thinking, enjoying nature, fun time with my daughter, healthy boundaries settings and creating more space to be authentic and nurturing toward myself.

Today I bring forth all my learning to empower and support women to take their life and health to their next level, aligned with their dreams and passions, and to live a life with vibrant health, joy, inner peace and fulfillment. 


Anything is possible when you believe in yourself