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Liberating Arts

Ditch stress and overwhelm and find joy, aliveness and inner peace, expressing who you are. 


Discover the 3 keys why art is important for your health.

Learn how expressing yourself through intuitive painting can help you gain clarity in your life, give you more energy and vitality, and much more.

Discover timelessness, feelings of surrendering and connecting to your inner voice

If you never has painted, but always felt the yearning to paint; you have come to the right place! Intuitive painting is for everyone! You don’t have to have any experience in painting from earlier, only an open heart and mind to explore and discover the world of colors, marks and compositions.

Also supporting and coaching artists, emerging artists and students in the Fine Arts.
Do you feel stuck in your art, has your art lost the aliveness and the touch of your true authentic signature?
I know how it feels. I have been there and have been mentoring myself with an art-coach to take my art to the next level expressing my true self.

To create one’s own world in any of the arts, takes courage. Georgia O’Keeffe

Make experiences expressing You

Key areas in Intuitive Painting:

1.  Markmaking

2.  Working with values

3.  Composition

4.  Form

Intuitive Painting Journey

A transformational painting experience, allowing yourself to set yourself free to play, breathe, reflect, wonder and journey with colors and marks. You will learn automatic drawing, mark-making, color-values and composition, to create abstract paintings that you may fall in love with very much.


Automatic drawing/markmaking

In the initial part of getting into the flow and connection with paintings, you will be playing with the simple color contrast of black and white and all the nuances between, grey color values.
Working with simplicity and color limitations, you will get a deeper understanding of the power of constraints; learning that “Less is More”. There is a meditative state like in zen-art that you will have an opportunity to explore and integrate on a deeper level.
Sometimes the starts of paintings are the part we love the most, because it has lots of freedom, and playfulness, before the mind comes in to make conscious choices about the next step in the painting process.
Many artist keep their paintings “simple”, leaving them raw, real and filled with LIFE.

Values, form, space & lines

With color-values, you will have a great tool in your hands for create an ultimate understanding of all the spectrum of nuances that come with keeping a simple palette/limiting the palette to a very few colors.

This is a painting where the concept “Breathing Space” is very visible.
The colors are allowed space in composition, creating feelings of expansion and lightness.

Limited palette, form & texture

A few color choices, and a limited palette in this painting. The saying “Simple is more” is evident in this painting, a dynamic composition and focusing on the potential of black/white and muted blue and greens. 

This painting with earth-colors has a composition that mimics nature.  Composition, and the flow and movement in the painting is captured after using music and movement being part of the painting…letting the body and heart absorb and be filled with the beauty of tranquility, lightness of heart and inner peace.

Feelings of Energy,
Joy & Freedom

Music, movement and dance was part of this painting process, creating the feeling of expansion and freedom in this lush and delicate piece.

A simple color palette, where values and composition builds the piece along with texture and contrast in colors and shapes.
Intuitive painting has a meditative feeling; you connect inward, listen to the next Move, make some marks and movements, and go with the flow, staying open to possibilities that opens in the process and let your soul express itself.



Move to feel your body and your heart. Besides the physiological benefits of movements, you will have the feelings of lightness of heart, feeling more grounded and more in harmony with yourself.


With heart-centered music, our soul and body wants to move. Our bodies are built of atoms and particles originating from starseeds, and we are all connected energetically. Sounds/music, help us remember who we are..


You will explore different meditation techniques, that is easy to implement in your daily life. Consciously allowing the breath to be part of the meditation, and allowing yourself to Be, you will intentionally take charge of creating harmony inside yourself, that relaxes every part of your body, and giving your body the space and time to self-regulate it self for healing and renewal.