Are you suffering with Lyme disease....?


4 Steps to radically reboot your immune system, so you can be in control of your body fighting Lyme in a complete natural way without antibiotics:

  •  Learn how to properly detox with simple steps that is easy to follow
  •  Learn how to support your body with targeted nutrition and supplements to make it harder for Lyme to thrive.
  •  Learn how Essential Oils can support you in your wellness-journey.
  •  Learn how to manage stress and how to use nature to accelerate your healing.

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In this session we will talk about your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in your healing journey.

From despair to recovery

This is my story


Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a severe Lyme infection, a band 9 of 10. It started in my left knee and spread throughout the whole leg, I became paralyzed from the hip and down. In addition I had aches and pain in my back,  neckpain, and I felt tired and had brainfog.  I felt exhausted all the time……I had no idea it was Lyme, in the beginning stages I thought it was possible arthritis that I probably had inherited from my mom or that I had entered menopause.


Since I was allergic to antibiotics, I had to find a natural approach to healing.


I have been seeing doctors in Functional and Integrative Medicine, and have been given amazing help with different healing modalities to treat inflammation, fight the Lyme and strengthen the immune-system with various holistic treatments, nutritional healing, stress-management and lifestyle changes.


I have had an amazing recovery process! After just 1 month I could walk again, and after that it was a process of learning to become “my own doctor” understanding how to mangage Lyme, not being afraid of it, so I could take my health to the next level and becoming well. Today I am functioning like before I got Lyme. I consider myself healed 98%, the remaining I am managing through my diet, natural supplements, yoga and meditation. 

Connecting to nature and Universe, is giving me additional healing and guidance.


Today I am supporting women with Lyme-disease in my program; Health Journeys where we are addressing all the above aspects for healing, in addition to stress-management, meditation, breath-work and guided healing-journeys.